New Feature: Dark Theme

The background of the app should match the user’s environment. Up until now, the Loyverse POS app had only one background setting – the light interface. Such a theme is very suitable for use in the daytime and bright environment.

Welcome to our project through social media

We give our customers the opportunity to share their experience with Loyverse Pos and also encourage their initiative in the development of the project

New Feature: Reprinting Kitchen Orders
New Feature: Reprinting Kitchen Orders

The possibility of reprinting the kitchen orders has also been added. This would be useful when your kitchen printer had not printed the order for some reason (for example, when it ran out of paper).

Shift History in the POS
New Features: Shift History in the POS and Changing Order of Modifiers

From now on, you can access not only the information about the current shift or closing shift, but you can also see the previous shifts on the POS. Shifts from the current POS will be displayed in the list if you tap the ‘Shift’ button in the main menu.

tax and logo Loyverse
New features: Tax application depending on dining options and logo printing on receipts

You can now apply different taxes depending on the dining option. Plus, you can print your store logo on your receipts! Click on this blog post to find out more!

3 Business Lessons That Every Entrepreneur Should Learn
3 Business Lessons That Every Entrepreneur Should Learn

Do you want to develop faster and better than your competitors?
Regardless of which niche you are building your business, there are chips that work or do not work for everyone.

Robi & Peach Loyverse
Interviewing Robi & Peach from the Philippines

A family-owned business from the Philippines shares their story of how Loyverse POS has helped them in their business and why they would recommend it to other businesses. 

Shift Report and Stock and Cost Loyverse
New features for new POS app for iOS: Shift Report and Stock and Cost of Items

You can now see data of the cash drawer and other sales summary report data in the shift report, and print it with your receipt printer. You can also see the current stock of your items in the store from the POS app.

production loyverse
New functionalities in the Back Office!

We are glad to introduce new functionalities that were just released for the Back Office as a part of the Advanced inventory management: Production and Autofill of items in the purchase order.

Loyverse helps Refugee Support NGO to distribute food in Greece

Refugee Support is a Greek NGO that conducts many projects to help refugees. One of the projects is distributing food through shops on camps in Greece. 

New Loyverse customized sale screen
The Release of a New Version of POS app for iOS

The new version 2.0 of Loyverse POS app for iPhone and iPad has just been released. We implemented many cool new designs, such as a new customized sale screen, payment selection screen, receipt management, and many others.


Loyverse Inventory Count, Printing Labels and Additional Costs
Advanced Inventory Update! - Inventory Count, Printing Labels, and Additional Cost

Today, we are glad to introduce three new functionalities that were just released for the Back Office as part of the Advanced inventory management: Inventory Count, Printing Labels, and Additional Cost.

cloud based POS loyverse
Traditional POS vs Cloud-based POS

Not sure if traditional or cloud-based POS is right for your business? Well, we are here to help! This article compares the two types of POS and lets you know the pros and cons of each.

Item Variation Variant Loyverse POS
Feature Update - Variants of Items

Since we received so many responses regarding item variations on our community, our team has worked hard to make it happen! We present you...

Advanced Inventory Management
Discover Loyverse Advanced Inventory Management - New and powerful features for retailers

As Loyverse, we’ve come to know many of you, our users, and we are learning a lot from your feedbacks. 

Loyverse POS was the turning point for a korean coffee shop
Loyverse Customer Story: "Loyverse POS was a turning point for our coffee business"

Doi Chang Coffee Farm is a Coffee business that experienced a huge benefit from Loyverse POS at the time when they most needed it.

Loyverse POS Pricing Options
Loyverse POS Pricing Options

From now, Loyverse launches new pricing options for all its users. Two new optional paid add-ons can be discovered on the website: Employee management and Premium Support.

Loyverse Customer Story: Daniel from England and his journey opening his own coffee shop

This is the story of Daniel, an intrepid geologist that decided to change the Australian rocks for coffee cups in the town of Hebden Bridge, in England. He spent his school and university years taking different coffee jobs, but Square One Coffee Company represents his first real business experience as an owner.

Restaurant POS software
New Predefined Tickets Feature & Release of CDS app for Android

The version 1.32 of Loyverse POS for iOS brings two significant additions: Predefined tickets and compatibility with Customer Display System (CDS) for Android devices.

Employee management - Time clock
Recent Updates of Loyverse POS System in October - Time Clock and Dining Options

Loyverse team continuously thinks about users of Loyverse POS app and they do their best to keep improving according to their users expectations. The recent release brings new features we think you will find very useful.

Loyverse Customer Story: COFFEE ART. From 1 to 5 shops in less than 3 years
Loyverse Customer Story: COFFEE ART. From 1 to 5 shops in less than 3 years.

The story of COFFEE ART is the story of the road to success of a family with strong ties and a big determination to fulfill their dreams. Together they took the path of entrepreneurship and started their own specialty coffee business in their local city, Chiclayo, Peru. 

Say yes to credit cards with iZettle
Say yes to credit cards with iZettle, an alternative credit card terminal.

If we want to understand the credit card payments ecosystem in Europe, we need to understand what is iZettle and why is so important.

Loyverse visits Thai users. A family Cafe and and a stylish Hair Salon in the city of Bangkok.
Loyverse visits Thai users. A family Cafe and and a stylish Hair Salon in the city of Bangkok

We were fortunate to visit 2 special shops in Bangkok, Thailand. They are an example of a successful business and Loyverse POS is their system of choice that better suits their needs.

Credit card reader
Accept Credit Card Payments with SumUp

Card and mobile payments are a usual headache for many merchants, especially in our growing cashless society.

Major Updates of Loyverse POS System During Summer
Major Updates of Loyverse POS System During Summer

Usually autumn is the busiest time of the year for retail business. In advance, we have prepared many useful features for Loyverse thinking in all our POS users and specially owners of iOS devices will find extremely useful the first 4 new features:

Loyvrse global community
Loyverse Community opens its doors

Loyverse finally has its community! A questions & answers platform where we all meet and interact, opening the door to new and exciting opportunities

To participate you only need to own a Loyverse account, use it to sign in the web, and that’s it!

A Story on Podstel: A Dream to Set Up a Hostel and Make a Difference
A Story on Podstel: A Dream to Set Up a Hostel and Make a Difference

Three friends, Daniel, Sam, and Jason, came together and started what is known as “Podstel”.

Loyverse Free Point of Sale for bike shops
Podcast: Cycling to Success with Loyverse POS for Bike Shops

Our Loyverse POS colleague headed over to the beautiful city of Antwerp to hear the story of two young cyclist entrepreneurs using Loyverse free Point of Sale for Bike Shops. Listen to the full podcast, or read the text interview below!

choosing employees cafe
How to Find Employees that Fit your Vision

We're moving on to the 4th in our series about “starting up a café”, and this time we'll be discussing how to find employees that fit your small business vision. Don't worry if you're not specifically a café owner, this text still applies to you!

How Mobile POS helps small business success
8 Ways a Mobile POS will Stimulate your Small Business Success

The SME industry has seen many technological changes over the years. What’s particularly special about iPad and android POS apps that’s causing this new global trend to spread so fast? How do they practically help shop owners grow their small business? That’s what we’ll be discussing in this article.