Added Support of Built-in Printers of Sunmi Devices

Added Support of built-in printers of Sunmi devices

Loyverse added the support of built-in printers of Sunmi devices. The following is the list of devices which supports this functionality:
Sunmi V1
Sunmi V1S
Sunmi V2
Sunmi V2 pro
Sunmi T1 mini
Sunmi T2 mini
Sunmi D2 mini
Sunmi T2
Sunmi S2
Sunmi M2

From now on, you can easily connect built-in printers by selecting SUNMI in the Loyverse POS app printer settings.

SUNMI printers in the Loyverse POS app printer settings

After that, all the settings will be applied automatically, and you can print receipts, bills, and kitchen orders with the built-in printer.

At the same time, the option to connect other external printers to Sunmi devices will remain. The way of connecting is the same for Android devices and depends on the printer interface.

Details: Connecting Build-in Printers on Sunmi Devices