Black Friday Needs: What is a Free POS like Loyverse good for?

Black Friday Needs: What is a Free POS like Loyverse good for?

When you think of black friday, what are the three words that come to mind?

Here are mine: Palava. Capitalism. Saving.

Oh, by the way… Happy thanksgiving!

For a day that has for so long defined America’s national identity, the fact that a dramatic d-day of cut prices actually overshadows it in many regions of the US reveals something of that identity. Anyway, unlike 90% of other blog posts found on the web recently, I won’t be writing about Trump, Hilary or any other perspective on America’s identity crisis or reform… I’ll be writing on the topic of ‘What is a Free POS like Loyverse good for?”.

Black Friday Needs: What is a Free POS like Loyverse good for?

In line with today, I’d like to offer my first ounce of gratitude to Loyverse user Hamish Hawkin of the HH Gift shop for the following review:

“For a product this young, it is so refreshing to see an easy to use application for one of the most tedious tasks in our store: stock control. Loading the products is easy and using the front end is straight forward too. The support from the Loyverse team is superb.”

Analytics to the Rescue!

Hamish couldn’t be more right than on black friday. With unfolded clothes mixed in different piles from the shopping mob, or coffee beans scattered over the machine due to an endless supply of customers, POS sales analytics becomes priceless. You’ll know in an instant when to re-stock with a push notification and also which items are performing or need a discount added quick before the stampede ends.

How about when the new shop assistant forgets to use one of the point-of-sale features with nothing but a long, frustrated line building-up? Our 24-7 support team will answer your query on the spot to smoothen out the situation ASAP.

D-day=Discount Day

On such an important day for shoppers and shop owners alike, possibly the most important thing to keep on tabs with is where to place discounts. With delightfully quick to add discount features and superb sales analytics, Loyverse POS will play a vital role even in turning your day around half way through if you understand only then that certain items need a discount. Controlled, yet energetic willingness to take risks in the right direction is the key to success.

From Tech Defficiency to Impeccability

Another member of the Loyalty Universe family Sammie Rasmus recently commented:

“I am confident my Mother will be able to use it easily without getting frustrated.”

There’s no need to fear with Loyverse when your less-tech minded cashiers take centre stage. Learning in a cinch, busy lines will be transformed into quick profit and also return customers when you advise customers to wisely download the Loyalty Ocean app to keep track of their purchase points.

And Finally…

To shoppers: Spend wisely. Don’t be fooled by an amazing product price which will end up being thrown away. Whatever system your favorite shops use, remember to rack up your loyalty points.

To shop owners: Prepare before to give full attention to customers and be ready from the moment the doors open this friday morning, or for that matter any other day, to provide using all the methods you have in reserve when necessary.

So, knowing the perks of a POS system in this once a year spectacle, I hope your day goes smoothly! Use Black Friday as an opportunity to learn to channel your excitement in a well-guided direction.