Core Business Concepts: #2 It All Starts From Nothing

Core Business Concepts: #2 It All Starts From Nothing

Observing things around you, you’ll realise that there is always a 3 stage growing process. Let’s look at some examples:

Childhood →  Adolescent →  Adult

Building foundation → Framework → Final structure

Seed → Sprout → Flower

Birth → Life → Death

This also applies directly to the life of an entrepreneur:

Dream → Action → Achievement

Your business journey begins from a single idea. Developing through discussion with friends or family, this idea grows into the dream which will become a reality with your consistently growing investment.  

As you go through the process of setting and accomplishing goals, you’ll find that after reaching each new milestone, you will have to go to another ‘zero point’ like you had when starting up, only this time you’ll be there with experience gained. For example, you’ve have had some success selling coffee beans online through e-commerce, but now you want to expand your brand to the streets. Starting this store you’ll need to be ready to work your way up from the bottom without relying on your online identity, concerning yourself with new responsibilities such as communicating with customers in person, hiring floor staff, and building relationships with competitors in nearby stores.

Business Expansion is a Process of Humility

This is a lesson of humility for anyone anywhere on the achievement ladder from a first timer to Jack Ma. To keep momentum flowing when reaching your limits you need to be ready to return to the original creative process, finding new ways to develop.

Every step of the journey towards that dream, you’ll be growing- whether it’s the good times or the challenges.

Understanding this will lead you to a ‘never give up’ mentality and to a confident belief that you can substantially achieve your initial goal and beyond, setting new goals along the way.

So, it’s absolutely possible for you to create a business. Keep going, every day giving more energy than the previous and your success is inevitable. Saying that, it’s going to be extremely difficult at times so we’ll address how you can train yourself to overcome the moments when you feel like giving up in the next article