Core Business Concepts: #3 Know Your Problem

Core Business Concepts: #3 Know Your Problem

You have a problem and you don’t know it…

As entrepreneur, starting a new project, you will have to pour out all your energy if you want to realize your goals and dream. We work hard understanding that to achieve something great will require great investments. Nevertheless, success doesn’t depend only on how hard you try… self-evaluation based on efforts alone could blind us from reality. It’s necessary to bear in mind that your energy can spread out in any direction, and that it could even harm your endeavor when not directed the right way, giving you opposite results to those expected. The fact is we might not realize it. So how can we address this issue? The first step is learning to recognize the problem.

Usually nobody wants problems.

Often we try to deny them or just end up overwhelmed by them. This is a habit that’s common to many entrepreneurs starting up which leads to poor managerial judgement. Please understand and share with your colleagues the importance of recognizing that not being able to see the problem is the REAL PROBLEM.

Let’s take the example of the human body. We feel pain if we get hurt- pain is an indicator for us to recognize a dysfunction in our body so that we can protect ourselves and apply a remedy before it gets worse. A problem is like our pain, we don’t want to feel it, but it is necessary for us to react and find the solution that will help our business to keep moving forward.

Everything changes when our perspective towards problems changes. They are part of our journey and crucial for our growth. Knowing them well and reacting in the correct way be what makes ourselves and our company develop. Nevertheless, detecting them alone is not easy, so that’s why it’s healthy to seek out the perspective of both people that you are close to, and people you don’t know at all. Be open to receive the feedback from your family, team, employees, customers and anyone else no matter their experience. It is important to create a business culture where you can overcome problems by identifying them with others. This unity is precisely what will enable you to reach your goals well!In the next article we’ll be speaking about what legacy you can create as you train this mindset every day!