Core Business Concepts: #4 What is a True Business Legacy?

Core Business Concepts: #4 What is a True Business Legacy?

Who are you? Why do you start a business? What do you want to add to your community? Who are you supporting and why? What is your vision?

Why did you choose this field? How will your business grow? When will you reach your first milestone? What will your children think of what you are doing now?This list of questions could go on and on… finding your unique and original business identity is the process you go through to answer such questions.

Especially regarding where you are going, to run a business without having in mind a legacy is counter-intuitive. But in essence, what is a legacy? It’s your lifestyle.As the owner of business, the amount of zest that you can drive into its growth will be exactly what you are remembered for. When I say owner, I’m not necessarily referring to the boss- employees and even customers should also share this sense of ownership.

Your community will give you this kind of support when they see that you sincerely believe and practice your goals with great energy. They will give you more support when they see that you are providing for more than just themselves and the local area, but also a larger spread of people.So I’m writing this article to make you think again about what your business means to you. It’s not a problem to start small without great depth of motivation, but what’s clear is that your desire to achieve success should continuously grow as you go about the cycles of growth we described in core business concepts #2, even when you’re going through periods of financial or motivational difficulty.

Put yourself for a second in the moment you retire. What will become of the business you invested your life into? I believe you’ll want to see progression, and that’s why, even if you’ve already thought about it, you should again redetermine what attitude you have in your daily life. So many entrepreneurs falter at the first hurdle because their is a simple lack of commitment from the outset.

Wherever you are in the world reading this, the effects of modern globalization tell me that to your environment is to some extent being transformed. For many of you this is happening extremely rapidly, much more than you know. In order to ride this surging wave, you have to think fast and think well. We at loyverse are riding the wave together with you. So keep going on your path as a true entrepreneur that doesn’t give up, but continues until he is leading and continues still then.

Take pride in your legacy, no matter who you are or what impact you thought you could make with your business life before reading this article.

Next article we’ll be continue on this theme and discuss the methods you need to practice to establish your business identity.