Core Business Concepts: #5 Born As an Entrepreneur (What is E3A?)

Core Business Concepts: #5 Born As an Entrepreneur (What is E3A?)

You were born as an entrepreneur! Nevertheless, to realize yourself as one you will go through a certain process of Entrepreneurial Awareness, Awakening and Achievement.

Welcome to the E3A cycle.

In essence, how do you come to know that you are an entrepreneur? Well, as has been confirmed, it all starts from nothing…  What started as a single idea led you to the conclusion that you can also make something happen, you become aware that you want to start your own business. You find the answers to your questions, start to meet people with similar ideas and everything seems to move in one direction. It is not a coincidence, inside of you something is being awakened, it is your entrepreneurial spirit.

Your passion and conviction is growing, therefore it’s essential to measure your growth through actual results. Through your achievements you are substantializing all your ideas and goals. When results don’t match your expectations it’s time for reflection- make sure to consistently detect and solve your problems.

The beauty of this process is that it is a never ending cycle. Unlike a straight line, in a cycle there is no beginning or ending. From an idea you can bring certain results and from your achievements new awareness arises. Every step you take is creating hundreds of new possibilities, every decision you make opens up a whole universe of opportunities which can keep expanding depending on your blood, sweat and tears.

This process implies having a constant learning mind, with strong  will to take action and the urgency of bringing a result. From this view, your growth is not a one time magic trick, it’s just natural, but it requires dedication. That dedication is precisely the starting point of the legacy you will leave behind.

Legacy = Identity = Lifestyle

With your constant movement to improve, this cycle will always be alive. As a shop owner, researching the market together with your personal sales reports, your achievements, your marketing strategy won’t cease to grow. Everything you do has an impact, so your focus has to be using all time for your own benefit- seeing it as part of your awareness, awakening and achievement process.

Practicing E3A will lead you and your company to thrive, building a sense of satisfaction within yourself and your team. And it is in this process itself where you will grow to find lasting happiness, even if it isn’t easy. As is commonly thought, having fun and ‘de-stressing’ don’t have to be separate to your daily routine. You don’t need to wait for the next holiday in Disneyland to experience the joy that could just as well be found all the time, in every moment as an alive and active entrepreneur, rooted in your identity and striving for your dream which is in the end your greatest source of happiness.