Flourishing Mobile POS Flower Frenzy

Flourishing Mobile POS Flower Frenzy

The flower-making industry is not a lazy person’s business. Constantly re-evaluating flowers deteriorating value, making new bouquets, calculating purchases, analyzing sales – these are but a few flower salesman’s daily duties.

Not to mention they’re meant to be doing all this without leaving their point of sale! Does this describe you? Then the mobile inventory application Loyverse POS will soon become the shop saviour your flower business always needed.

Fragrant Mobility

Flowers are not sold only by large retailers, but also at small kiosks, bus stops and underground walkways. Setting up POS-hardware in such places is very challenging. Thus, the most simple and reliable solution is a mobile POS-system. Download Loyverse on your Android or iOS device and carry out sales, accounting and loyalty programmes directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Economic hint: Cash in when Blooming

Flowers are of course a delicate product that fade quickly, and thus over the years flower retailers have developed many tricks to prolong bouquet lifespan. But now using Loverse Free POS system’s detailed sales reports, it is simpler than ever to check which flowers shake up the market by selling out before they dry out.

Mix and Match!

Flower arrangement is not a skill to be underestimated, with so many elements to plan out for each bouquet such as aesthetically harmonising flower types, packaging and decorations. Now throw individual flower prices together with the florist’s service and delivery costs into the mix and you begin to fathom that the life of a florist isn’t as plain sailing as a passing commuter, who eagerly anticipates a few seconds of aromatic heaven each day as he walks by, might think.

Saying all this, now think of that florists life when all they need is a one-time-only job of entering flower names, packaging, prices etc. into the mobile POS-system. After that, the price of each bouquet can be calculated with a few seconds of self explanatory smartphone tapping with Loyverse free POS recording every flower sold to its real-time reports.