The Greatest Coffee Associations the World has to Offer

 The Greatest Coffee Associations the World has to Offer

With countless coffee shops come countless coffee associations. In each region of the world, these associations coordinate the industry in unique and diverse ways according to location, culture, management  and demand. Writing this blog can be compared to my caffeine in-take… the more I researched, the more my eyes opened as I became more aware of the dynamic variety of coffee caretakers presiding over the international coffee ecosystem. Hoping that the taste buds of your mind are equally stimulated by my research, let’s together explore the greatest coffee associations the world has to offer.


9. British Coffee Association

The BCA runs a multi-talented solo act as a UK coffee authority, taking responsibility for every aspect of our favorite brown rocket fuel’s industry in a country which is now drinking 2½ cups of coffee for every cup of its infamous British tea.

8. Specialty Coffee Association of Europe

SCAE is devoted to inspire coffee excellence throughout the continent under the core values of research, innovation and communication. It’s awesome World of Coffee event also made it to our top 21 global coffee events! Notably, the SCAE is soon to merge with it’s American counterpart SCAA to form one MEGA coffee Association… Watch this space!

7. Pu’er Coffee Association

Pu’er has been supplying coffee beans for all of the major coffee businesses in China including Starbucks since 2003. It’s main purpose is to regulate a high standard of ethics, marketing and research whilst supporting members with consultation, training, seminars and exhibitions.

6. Philippine Coffee Board

Despite the fact that filipino coffee is yet to take to the international stage, this non-profit makes it to #5 because of it’s drive to take care of it’s national education. The PCB provides the key for coffee farmers to overcome traditional coffee methods by providing to tools for improvement of quality and diversity.  Their most recent success in bringing down historical coffee trade barriers came through their annual National Coffee Summit where experienced coffee farmers who succeeded with modern methods stole the headlines.

5. International Coffee Organization

Referred to as ‘The UN of Coffee”, the ICO is the main inter-governmental organization for coffee. It had a huge impact on coffee worldwide upon establishing The International Coffee Agreement of 1962 which stabilized coffee consumption and production until the closing of the Iron Curtain. In recent years, the ICO has played a quieter, yet still largely influential role in areas of sustainability, diversification and quality practice with vital initiatives running around the world.

4. Fairtrade International

Though not only for coffee, I hope we can all accept that the FLO deserves to make this list due to the gigantuous efforts it’s made over the past 20 years to fight challenges of developing world coffee producers including climate change, famine and low or unpredictable incomes.

3. Green Coffee Association

The GCA retains its unique identity as the foremost trade association dealing with green coffee in the United States. It provides resources and other benefits for individuals and companies dealing with the export, transport, storage, insuring, financing, importing, trading and/or roasting of green coffee.

2. Association for Science and Information on Coffee

ASIC narrowly misses on the no.1 spot, but that doesn’t take anything away from the unique value that this association brings to the global coffee business. It’s bi-annual international conference also made our top coffee events, with 300-400 scientists from all corners of the world in a variety of fields welding their minds together to discuss the science of coffee. How healthy is coffee and how much should we limit ourselves to? What gives coffee it’s aroma and flavor? These are a few questions we ‘coffee mortals’ may already ask, but these coffee-loving professors will surely go much deeper into the bean.

1. International Women’s Coffee Alliance

Advocating from Seed to Sip, the IWCA has established a tremendous ecosystem of women coming together to simply empower one another’s coffee ambitions. The Alliance’s huge international chapter base is perhaps it’s greatest attribute providing a platform for meaningful material sharing and discussion.

So, what are your thoughts, having experienced a taste of the greatest coffee associations that the world has to offer? Indeed, for you coffee lovers, that global adventure was nothing compared to the journey we each undergo in our minds as we swallow the first warm gulp of our beloved beverage every morning. Am I wrong?sated coffee cup.

I hope your interest has been sated! Please share your coffee-related thoughts only in the comments below! Perhaps you’ve had a meaningful personal experience with one or more of these organizations in the past?