How do Free Mobile POS Systems Help Small Business?

How do Free Mobile POS Systems Help Small Business?

Can you recall any times in your life where a business gave you something for free? I recall a proud teenage moment running around a busy city with the challenge to trade a paper clip for gradually more valuable items and after a few hours ending up with Gucci perfume.Nevertheless, it may not be all too often that we’re handed freebies which is why our support team is bombarded daily with umpteen questions like 

“How long is the POS trial period?”

“Hi, I want to check whether it’s really a FREE point of sale?”

Right here, right now, I can joyfully reassure you that Loyverse has no trial period and is definitely $0, £0, €0 etc… And if you’re not yet convinced to give it a try, I’ll tell you here of the main benefits that a free mobile POS like Loyverse will have for small

businesses using devices which run Android or iOS.


Time and Space at your Disposal

The ultimate goal of any POS software is to make sure you’re spending less time rummaging around your filing cabinet and more time spent in the most valuable way- making the customer happy. Impressed with the freedom you express as you freestyle table to table with only phone or tablet in hand, your shared experiences with customers will gain momentum leading to greater return frequency with a naturally increasing upsell. The truth is that streamlining of overall shop functionality is the most critical attribute of any POS system. I’ll now go into the precise details of how Loyverse POS provides that:

Tip-Top Analysis

Shop owners have never been greater know-it-alls, with all of the best POS systems now providing back office features to analyse data in-depth. Loyverse offers a whopping 10 different methods to analyse sales, including discount effectiveness and sales by modifier. Create your own back office account to see how many have been asking for extra bacon here.

The shop is your dancefloor

Picture a shop without a till. With a Mobile POS this is actually possible- all you need is a smartphone and you can deal with all customers at their seat. OK, I might be getting a bit futuristic here, but POS mobility features are not to be underrated. Many of our users have told tales of their impressed customers who could order everything at the table from a picturized list on a smartphone or tablet.

The Price is Right

Depending on where you’ve come from, where you are, and what you’re going to do, start up costs can vary from a few hundred to a hundred million dollars. But if we’re talking SME, you’re definitely not going to want any unnecessary overheads. From our launch, the Loyverse team had the mind to provide for all, particularly supporting developing world entrepreneurs by providing a free POS, and the developing world by providing quality. Both factors benefit each other.

Loyalty at the Heart

Loyalty is literally in the name at Loyverse, you’ll discover a number of valuable features such as points systems and customer feedback which will smoothen out your small business running, keeping customers returning day in and day out.

Inventory that Lasts

Just in time stock control is a must to keep your customer experience consistent. With Loyverse POS’ low stock notifications, you won’t have to apologise to customers for running out. On your side, the sorries continue to get fewer as you provide more with unique discounts and modifiers which can be expressed to transform your valued customers to valued repeat customers via push notifications.


The constant rule of business is that there is only one constant- growth. Everything else can change beyond your expectation in order to secure growth in the best direction. And, like a skeleton, as you increase in size, you need a structure in place to support you. Very soon Loyverse will release it’s multi-shop feature so that even when you monopolize for example the coffee, food truck or beautician sphere, we can stay in touch.


I’ve spoken with a few shop owners recently who choose not to provide wi-fi so that their customers can focus on enjoying the experience in shop. That’s not for everyone, and anyway, whatever your decision, Loyverse free POS gives you the freedom to make sales online or offline (sales will sync as soon as you receive signal again).


I hope it’s now clear that as a free mobile POS, Loyverse carries a bucket load of benefits that will take your relationship with customers to consistently greater levels. Saying that, there’s even more to see than what I’ve written- for a full list of features see here.

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