How To Turn an iPad Into a Cash Register

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So, you’ve realised your problem and finally come to the point when you can leave your old cash register in the dust and try out a new cloud POS system based on your Apple iPad? That's great. In this article I’ll explain how to go about that process.

To begin, let’s observe the classic cash register which consists of four main pieces of hardware:

  • manual input device;
  • scanner;
  • cash drawer;
  • receipt printer.


Considering this with your new iPad based POS system, you’ll find the same peripheral parts as in a classic cash register, but the manual input device and calculating software are different. This calls for the iPad - the heart of the new system.

With the iPad pumping the blood around its circuit board, where’s the brain providing purpose and direction? That must be the Point of sale app. Thanks to modern POS software, we’re not talking about the old box and buttons, rather, a full set of state of the art tools for managing a successful and efficient business.

A quality POS system will not only provide a sales platform, but also sales analytics, inventory management, a customer database, a loyalty program, employee statistics and much more. Riding the wave of the iPad cash register trend, this is the main and indisputable advantage and so let’s devote the remainder of this article to discuss that to greater lengths.


How to select the right POS application

There are 263 different point of sale systems out there according to Capterra with seemingly endless varieties of functionality, features and price. Seeing as this decision depends more than anything on your specific requirements, I’ll leave the deep comparisons to the greatest software giants out there.

All I will mention now is that if you’re considering talking about the price-quality ratio, I highly recommend trying out Loyverse Free POS software, which, as the name suggests, starts from nothing, as well as having quality functionality which is constantly developing. We welcome you warmly into our home- the loyalty universe.

Download our Point of Sale app for free on iTunes. You can find a full feature list on our site. I’m sure our loyalty solution will bring your business a new depth of relationship building as well as our 'access-anywhere' dashboard.

With all that said, regardless of your selected point of sale software, for the complete picture you’ll need to hook up with the best revelant tablet POS hardware. Referring again to Loyverse POS, it supports the globally most well-known printers and scanners etc., for more detail, see our hardware page. Adding to that, the Loyverse POS app is continuously updated and improved with almost every new release supporting new hardware.


A POSitive Overview

Naturally your iPad cash register price may vary dependent upon hardware particulars, but, calculating a total based on average prices, with Loyverse you’ll get the following:
POS software – $0
Printer – about $300
Scanner – about $100
Cash drawer – about $100
Total Cost: $500.

Remembering back to the first sentence, that’s all assuming you already have an iPad. In the case that you don’t yet have a specific tablet or smartphone for your POS, I can also direct you to consider using an Android tablet pos system. After all, Loyverse POS is for both iOS and Android.