Interviewing Robi & Peach from the Philippines

Robi & Peach Loyverse

Store name: Robi & Peach
Owner/Manager: Niko Manalili
Country of Origin: Philippines

1. Why did you create this kind of business?

Well, it's a family business. We have a business of Garment Manufacturing. My mother started the business and we do trading and manufacturing. But now we have a wholesale and supply store.

2. How does Loyverse POS help you in your business?

Automation, Data analytics, Customer Loyalty, Good for processing the payments, fast to create a receipt. It saves time to make sales for the customers. Also, referring to our sales, it's a win-win situation for both the buyers and customers. It helps us for auditing because it's automated.

3. Would you recommend Loyverse POS to other people who have a business?

Yes, I highly recommend Loyverse.

4. How long have you been using Loyverse POS?

I have been using Loyverse for 5 months. The difference between Android and iOS. I prefer android than iOS.

5. How did you find Loyverse POS?

I searched via Google and tried it on Google Play. I've used many POS before, but Loyverse is good.

6. What do you like about Loyverse POS and Back office?

You can easily use and I can compute my margin. I can compute my cost per items.

7. What are the challenges you face in your business?

The challenges in my business are inventory management and accounting.

8. What is your advice to people who have the same business like yours?

My advice is to make sure to get or include technology in your business. Also, business improvement and use database for better business. Invest in data software in doing business.