Invest in the Right Technologies Straight Away!

Invest in the Right Technologies Straight Away!

A few months ago I opened a small restaurant called Melt in the Eixample, a district of Barcelona, Spain. Our restaurant specializes in Grilled Cheese sandwiches, fresh juices, coffees and Craft Beer.

Could you describe to us a bit about your local community?

Our restaurant is in a trendy area of Barcelona, which has at the same time, lots of hotels, offices and residential areas.

How did you find Loyverse POS and why would you recommend Loyverse POS to other retailers like you?

When we started we used to write all our sales on a piece of paper, but we soon realised that we needed an efficient POS for retail to record our sales and to issue invoices to our clients. I looked around for solutions on the internet and found Loyverse, which seemed to be the ideal solution for us. Indeed, Loyverse is very simple to use and to configure, it has a nice interface, offers stats on sales and best item sold. Also, the customer service is excellent, very friendly, and available every time we need help! I would definitely recommend Loyverse to other small restaurants.

What is the goal for your business and what are your plans to achieve this goal?

The goal of our Business, is to become the best place to go to in Barcelona when it comes to Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. We hope that if our business model is successful, we will be able to open new outlets in other parts of the city soon!

Do you have any advice for retailers such as yourself? -E.g. Something that you wish you had known earlier.

My advice for retailers is to always offer the best service and to have confidence and pride in the products offered. This will help grow a strong customer base and attract new clients. We did this from the start and try to remember to keep the same standards at all times.

Something we have not done from the start and that would have been useful, is to invest straight away in the right technologies, as these help you save a lot of time and money on the long run.