Keeping the Animals under Control with Loyverse

Keeping the Animals under Control with Loyverse Free POS

Pet supplies stores are very different from usual retail stores because they sell animals, food products, and other animal products. Certain key points need to be considered when using POS-systems for this type of business. Below we will see how Loyverse Free POS can be used with maximum efficiency for the greatest development in the pet business.

Awareness is key

The main pet store product is animal food. As a store owner hiring and getting to know new employees, it’s important to be able to track how they are doing. One reason is to offer advice and encouragement, and another is to be sure of the accuracy of daily transactions. Usually, when products are sold by weight, the most difficult issues to identify and resolve arise. Loyverse POS takes counter measures against this by offering the sale of products by weight alongside employee monitoring. Therefore, if a certain pet food finishes, but when checking the balance it looks to have been enough, you can infer that an error has been made.

Know your customers by face

When you have formed your client base, it is sometimes difficult to remember which animal each one of the clients owns. But if they are connected to your loyalty program, you can make notes about the client, detailing which animals they have, what their preferences are, etc. So the next time your client comes to buy food, for example, you can proceed to offer them appropriate toys for their pet.

Stay in touch!

It may happen that your items do not arrive on time and you have run out of stock. How will you inform customers when the product has been delivered? Use the push-sending messages to inform your customers about product arrival, new products and other promotions.

Keeping on top of your what, where, why, when and hows?

The world we know and live in is rapidly evolving with recent technological advances. Innovation does not sidestep pet stores. So how can an owner know which product is the most popular, no longer relevant or most profitable?

The data analysis menu on Loyverse POS for small business will answer all of these questions and more. Numerous filters and charts will give you the necessary information in a most convenient form.