Life as a Loyverse Patron in Kenya: Changing Developing World Small Businesses for the Good

Life as a Loyverse Free POS Patron in Kenya: Changing Developing World Small Businesses for the Good

My Entrepreneurial Journey

I am Samuel Kamau, born in the early Nineties in a small village in Nakuru, the fourth largest city in Kenya. At that time, the country was in much turmoil and we had to relocate from one locality to another. I spend the better parts of myearly years living with my grandma. My mother has always been a good business woman and I learnt quite a lot from her- she ran a chain of small businesses whilst my father worked for the government. The rest of our family was not at all entrepreneurially focused, but from time to time she would let us run the shop while she carried out other errands.

From Farmer to Financier

Fast forwarding through adolescence, I soon found myself ready for University. Arriving in the big city of Nairobi, I set up camp with my brother Josphat. I was always fascinated by the stock market and dreamed of working for the Nairobi Securities Exchange which was at that time called the Nairobi Stocks Exchange. Hence I began researching how to become a good stock broker and soon understood that in order to fully understand this entire business sphere of this field, I should take a professional business course and I thus immediately enrolled for an accountancy course at Strathmore University. This was my business game changer.

Family Equals Freedom. Freedom equals Achievement.

My approach towards business changed dramatically; I knew I would become a business person and, being the last born, I had a lot of sibling support and plenty of room to take risks. From this moment on, I spent hours on the computer teaching myself various stock market tricks and even ended up participating in the first ever inter-university young investor stock exchange challenge in the year 2011 – 2012.

There were countless businesses opportunities in Nairobi, but throughout my life everyone insisted that I should follow my passion. Apart from the stock market in which I was already fluent, computing in general had begun to grasp a deeper aspect of my attention. I recall spending most of my days at that time learning how to write simple programs and manage projects online. Most of the stock trading I continued was also done via online portal and thus my two pursuits became somewhat intertwined.


Entrepreneur Idea

Samuel is constantly creating new business ideas. His colleagues have to work hard to keep up!

Six months later, together with a friend called Joshua, CynteQ Solutions was officially registered as our first business. The name CynteQ was derived from the structure of computer programs Syntax. Joshua was a computer systems graduate who could write really neat code. I took to the business side of the hustle and we kicked it all off. Our area of focus was making accommodation based software for the various hostels in Nairobi. Three months later we launched our first program Ideal Accommodation manager that we sold off the shelf to one client. Small business was indeed the way to go- I was very excited at the level of satisfaction we brought to that client.

Visionary Pursuit

Soon after parting ways with Joshua, I stretched the depth of my web and mobile programming ability to take the business to the next level. Attending many training courses I learnt all that web development and project management had to offer. My greatest focus was the SME; small business that had a turnover of less than Ksh 5Million ($49,000) per year. My aim was to provide small services such as website creation, implementing small systems for more automated operations and training employees on how to use existing or new systems.

kids-code-campLearning programming as a teenager was difficult for me. I learnt everything from first-hand research and watching tutorials. Many youngsters in my region and beyond aspire to acquire similar skills but have no platform to initiate learning. It was in this spirit that we decided to start the CynteQ Free Code Camp for teens in remote areas of the country. We have so far piloted four successful camps around Nairobi, and it is now time to move to other less developed areas of the country.

Lucky Loyverse Love

In the same SME spirit, I stumbled upon this amazing program called Loyverse Free POS and Loyalty Program. It all happened as a result of one client who wanted a mobile POS that could accept integration with a wireless thermal printer. Loyverse Free POS is such an amazing software that covers the end to ends of business operations allowing you to flawlessly manage your store and sales from a smartphone or tablet. You will see your small business profit increase with easy and speedy sales, inventory management and visual sales analytics.

Loyverse Free POS and Loyalty program’s desire to assist small developing businesses particularly in Africa and Asia really moved me. Loyverse is fulfilling their need to promote the culture of entrepreneurship through structuring operations and improving customer reach. In these developing spheres, this is surely a great move.

Becoming a Loyverse Free POS Patron in my region means that our company CynteQ Solutions will be able to help many more businesses reach beyond the limits of their expectation for free!