Loyverse helps Refugee Support NGO to distribute food in Greece


Refugee Support is a Greek NGO that conducts many projects to help refugees. One of the projects is distributing food through shops on camps in Greece. 

The Distribution Marketplace at Katsikas Camp houses 5 shops which cover men, women and children's clothing, a shoe shop, and a general store for food and nonfood items. 

Refugee Support distributes points as tokens in denominations of 20, 10 and 5 points. Adults get 100, kids get 50, and pregnant women get 150 points. Every item in the shop is priced at 20 points, which is equivalent to 1 euro. The shop has fixed opening hours when people can come in and purchase what they want.

This NGO tracks what is bought from their store with the Loyverse Point of Sale app on a tablet computer so that they can easily understand the demands of the customers and can fill up their stock quickly.

Link: https://www.refugeesupport.eu/we-know-eggsactly-what-people-buy-at-katsikas/