Loyverse POS Pricing Options

Loyverse POS Pricing Options

From now, Loyverse launches new pricing options for all its users. Two new optional paid add-ons can be discovered on the website: Employee management and Premium Support.

Employee management covers features such as adding employees or users to the account, access rights for the app and back office, and tracking working hours with the time clock option and sales by employee reports at the back office.

The fee consists of a $5 payment per month per employee. For example, for a Loyverse account with two employees, it would correspond a $10 /mo/employee fee; or in case of an account with five employees, the fee is multiplied 5 times: $25 /mo/employee, etc.

On the other hand, those who apply for the premium support services are ensured immediate customer attention and technical assistance in English, over the rest of users, through the 24/7 online support chat.

The costs of the premium support service are either $15 per month or $19 per month depending on whether the bill is paid annually or monthly respectively.

Loyverse POS add-ons, employee management and premium support


Loyverse POS remains 100% free, with full functionality and without limitations, for customers that decide not to use any add-on. In other words, they have complete access to features such as sales reports, inventory management, multiple stores, Loyverse Dashboard, Loyverse KDS and Loyverse CDS. 

Loyverse products, point of sale, dashboard, KDS, CDS

If they wish, or when they find it appropriate, they can apply for the paid add-ons to expand their possibilities and experience with Loyverse POS.

The new additions were very well thought and it represents a step forward not only for Loyverse but especially for all its users. The software company’s key identity, to empower and contribute to the development of small & medium businesses, has always been the center of the business direction; and it remains as strong as always.


Loyverse help center


We believe that everyone can benefit from Loyverse POS. To make sure of that, we prepared plenty of educational material at our Loyverse Help Center. But If that was not enough, anyone can get advice from an active and strong Community of Loyverse users, from whom to seek assistance regarding Loyverse POS.


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To conclude this article, and on behalf of the Loyverse team, I wish all of you to be as happy as we are at this moment. We want to express, one more time, our gratitude towards all our users who had come along with Loyverse and loyally supported us in many ways until this new stepping stone. We encourage them all to keep walking and growing together with us, for we believe there is still a lot to do, and many more achievements to come.

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