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To Make Enriching and Memorable Experience for Customers

To Make Enriching and Memorable Experience for Customers

From the moment you arrive, you’ll be met by smiling, friendly professionals ready to cater to your every spa need. Our estheticians and nail technician experts are all experienced and professional, and approach each encounter with only one goal in mind: to make your visit and your experience not only enjoyable, but deeply enriching and memorable as well.

To Make Enriching and Memorable Experience for Customers

We had a vision to provide the latest and affordable beauty services to women and men, so they can feel and look beautiful. Our business is about a range of beauty services from Manicures, Pedicures, Facials, Eyelash Extensions, Teeth Whitening and more.

We found Loyverse POS for beauty salon on a business blog. So far we are happy with it, we have some feed back for improvements, but we highly recommend it. I love because it’s easy to use, and it keeps inventory in categories and different colors and shapes. I just click a couple of icons and done. I can send invoice to clients and keep track of sales and customer information. Also I like the fact that I don’t have to sign up for a credit card processing system within the app to take credit cards, I can accept credit card with my own system.

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Also so far the customer service has been great, they reply super fast and are very helpful.

We have many goals for the business, but one goal would be to expand to other location in the future. We are constantly improving our costumer retention by providing great quality services therefore it allows us to continue to expand.

One advice is to have great costumer service and love what you do, we wish we would have know to do more research in the demographic before selecting an area.