Mobile POS vs Cash Register… doubt no more!

Mobile POS vs Cash Register… doubt no more!

Entrepreneurs have long been trying to find the quickest and most efficient way to make profit. Knowing this, it’s hard to believe that, not so long ago, cash registers were the only way to carry out payment transactions. Bringing everyone on the same page, in this article we’ll address the 5 main reasons why everyone should by now be using a mobile POS system.

#1 General Convenience

This one’s simple. As a salesman, being able to visually carry out sales anywhere in the shop just makes things so much smoother. The intuitive interface and undemanding input algorithms of Mobile POS systems add an extra dimension to the fluidity of sales, not to mention reducing operation errors.

#2 No More Math…

Can any of the veteran businessmen among you recall how many sleepless nights were spent analyzing settlement operation data? Тhanks to cloud-POS systems, you can now forget endless Excel table lists and notebook scribbling. Preparing reports now only takes seconds. Adding to that, with the IT market for quality POS integrated software seemingly growing exponentially, the multi-functionality of your mobile POS will only get better!

Disclaimer: At loyverse we love Maths.

#3 “Did you forget? I take two sugars.”

5828291530_261545938c_oImagine that the local builders pop-into your coffee shop… It’s not their first time, but because of the sheer amount of customers you have, you can’t remember any of their names or favorite latte’s. With certain loyalty programs, customers can even create their own account with your business so that you can look up their info/preferences at your pleasure. Now tell me how you’d do this with a cash register… keep a customer address book? It’s just not the same.

Note: Even though modern POS software can store customer details for you, more important than any app will ever be is the effort you put in to establish personal connections with each client- even if they’re the least likely character you’d usually spend time with.

#4 Cut out the waste!

Whenever I see that a mocha I drink is fairtrade, it gives extra taste to the coffee beans! Well… not really, but it certainly has more value, and the same concept applies to using e-receipts to cut waste. Involving your customers in any project (be creative!) to foster a healthy environment, will naturally urge them to return! Also, with e-receipts, you can call upon all previous customer interactions at any time… that’s another step towards building longer lasting relationships.

#5 Pack away your tool kit

Even top quality cash register life-spans don’t exceed 15 years, with updates and expensive maintenance often needed several times before upgrading. It’s a good thing then that cloud based POS software is, well, software, making updates available in a single tap. The only repair you’ll need is if you drop your phone in the toilet… [recent studies show that 1 in 5 people have done this!] But, believing you’re one of the other four with common sense, this will no longer be a problem.

I’m POSitive that if you weren’t convinced before, you are now. So why not give Loyverse a try? Or, if you’re already part of our developing tribe, then get out there and spread the word that loyalty is back on the market! You can also checkout this helpful article: Cash Registers vs POS Systems: Which is Best for Retailers?