Can a Coffee Shop Relieve Tension on National Borders?

Can a Coffee Shop Relieve Tension on National Borders?

Borders… walls… fences… Have the barriers you have come to accept always been there? Historically, the more successful a region, country or person becomes, the more barriers they put up for protection. It’s most often necessary, but should it be?

Anyway, what do national borders have to do with a Coffee Shop?

Can a Coffee Shop Relieve Tension on National Borders?

The last century’s rapid globalization has affected everyone everywhere, leading to a growing number of cities somewhat resembling all other cities. Take Toronto as an example boasting 200 ethnic groups speaking over 140 languages.

Nevertheless, despite many of us thriving in cultural d–i–v–e–r–s–i–t–y [new letter, new country], for various reasons many national borders exist under ocean floor pressures.

Can a Coffee Shop Relieve Tension on National Borders?
Photo taken at the border dividing North and South Korea as birds flew overhead, going where I could not.

The topic is massive, and so could this wall of text be except for I’m only here to answer one question. What role can you play in this?

In a recent Loyverse POS user interview with Londoner Gary Gibbons who experienced foreign business joys upon joining his girlfriend in Transnistria (Eastern Europe) and setting up Bristol Coffee Bar there. He told us “Some of the locals will never get the chance to travel outside of Transnistria, and they say [after visiting his coffee shop] “I feel like I’ve been to England.”

It only took one entrepreneur following love and a coffee shop dream to introduce centuries of English culture to the opposite side of Europe. Gary went on to add, “It’s about integration… there’s no us and them… we’re all the same.” Think about it, though only a small bridge, it represents a lot. If one man can help overcome barriers between Moldova and the UK, why can’t anyone anywhere be a force for similar unity?

Ultimately all businesses pursue the same goal of providing services to a community, but just how far do the borders of your community reach? That starts in your mind. Even if your initial idea seeks to serve only a handful of people, when your vision first ventures beyond that community, there’s nothing to cap just how far reaching and impacting it can be.

Do you think a coffee shop… or, to be more direct, you, can be an influence to relieve tension on such huge an issue as national borders? Unleash your freedom in the comments!