New Features: Shift History in the POS and Changing Order of Modifiers

Shift History in the POS

From now on, you can access not only the information about the current shift or closing shift, but you can also see the previous shifts on the POS. Shifts from the current POS will be displayed in the list if you tap the ‘Shift’ button in the main menu.

Shift History in the POS

Non-synchronized shifts (unsynchronized events, such as openings, closing, pay-ins, payouts) will say ‘Unsynced’.

Shift history list

You can also print the previous shifts with the receipt printer.

See details: How to Work with Shift History in the POS


From now on, you can change the order of modifiers on the sale screen (for iOS only) by clicking and dragging the four line pictogram in the Back Office.

changing the order of modifiers

See details: How to Set Up and Apply the Modifiers

All these new features are currently available for iOS users and will be available for Android users later.