An Overview of Receipt Printers (Posiflex Aura 6900L & GP-U80300I)

An Overview of Receipt Printers (Posiflex Aura 6900L & GP-U80300I)

Thermal receipt printers are already largely involved in our lives and have become an indispensable module for POS-terminals and tablet POS systems. The thermal printer can print regular receipts and various reports. The modern market offers many such printers with various prices and features. Here we have selected the most popular ones which have proven themselves consistently for many years. Let us consider these in detail.

One of the most economical thermal receipt POS printers is Aura-6900 with a printing speed of 200mm/s. The unique characteristic of this printer is that it can be used for receipts of width 80 mm and also 58 mm. The printer can print both linear barcodes and QR-code. The printer has an auto cutter that can be used for a million cuts.

Furthermore, another feature of the printer is that the second interface board is removable. The base interface is USB, but you can, as required, install an LPT board, RS232, Ethernet or a Wi-Fi interface.

An Overview of Receipt Printers (Posiflex Aura 6900L & GP-U80300I)

Posiflex Aura-6900The printer can be connected to the cash drawer RJ11 connector or the kitchen phone.

Additional advantages of this printer are its small size, light weight and stylish design.

Scope of using receipt printer Posiflex AURA-6900:

Posiflex Aura-6900 is designed for use in restaurants and hotel businesses, retail trade and service enterprises.

Below you can see how its waterproof test went.

The greatest unique selling point of Posiflex Aura-6900 is its compact size. In addition, it is worth noting that this model can be fixed on the wall without additional fasteners. POS-systems can connect to the printer by means of ESC/POS so that it can be connected with any type of terminal.


This printer is a brilliant representative of the new trend – a speedy multiport printer. It is virtually noiseless receipt printer equipped with almost all that can be integrated in a device of this type. For what it contains, the price of this little printer is surprisingly not so high.

The main advantage of this printer is the speed of printing receipts at 300mm/s. This is the maximum speed at which current market thermal printers are working. It has a powerful cutter for receipts which can be set for 1.5 million cuts. The dimensions of the printer are for standard 80mm wide receipts- perhaps notably losing out to the Aura 6900, which can also use a 58mm roll.

Aligning with normal industry standard it has a jack for connecting to a cash drawer or kitchen phone. The disadvantage of the printer is that it cannot be fixed (installed vertically) to the wall since it can only print horizontally.

The main advantage of this model is its multiport that makes it interchangeable between bar and kitchen in case of emergency.