A Season of Updates on Loyverse POS System

A Season of Updates on Loyverse POS System

Our Point of Sale software has undergone many upgrades in recent times and so we'd like to take a moment to keep you in light of what we've been working hard on in order to boost your store's efficiency and overall success. Alongside these practical additions, your innovation and progress will continue to grow as you follow our e3a blog for unique and alive entrepreneurial content. Listed below are 4 major points of Loyverse POS system's development in recent months:


Kitchen Printers

You can now connect multiple printers in your store, creating printer groups to separate your categories. Watch the video below to learn more!


Loyverse Dashboard

If you haven't already, download our dashboard app from the play story or app store now on Android or iOS! There you'll find a new door to sales analytics and stock control which you can you can access quickly all the time.


We're always encouraging our Loyverse family to find the right moment to expand their shop, whether that's by putting some chairs outside or buying another location in a nearby city. Now our app caters for that growth, allowing the manager to observe what's going on in many locations at once.

Bill Printing

So many of you have been asking for bill printing and it's now active, released last night. Now you'll be able to print out your customers' open tickets at any time without charging. One of the main benefits is for waiters to bring the bill to the table at the end of a meal.

We really appreciate those of you who are going on the journey of development, growth and success with Loyverse. Only with your feedback can we develop!

So let's stay in touch as we continue to update... we also want to hear from you how you are doing and how you are growing.