Tech Bamboozlement? Loyverse : Problem Solved

Tech Bamboozlement? Loyverse Free POS : Problem Solved

In recent years, certain rapid developments in the cyber-world have often been the cause of natural disillusionment for those who grew up with a transistor-radio as their only household tech.

Aware of this, we have pledged to include less tech-minded generations in our Loyverse family, making great efforts to make our app accessible for the needs of anyone and everyone.

In a recent interview with Viljar Roosimaa, part of the Estonian Loyverse family, we were told how two 60-year-old charity shop employees with very little tech experience got along with our app:

“…when I first suggested the idea that we are going to have computers or similar devices for the cash registers two of them said “we will quit!”.

But later, upon showing them the Loyverse App he insisted,

““just touch it, it doesn’t bite, nothing can go wrong”… We were able to start using it immediately.”

So, rest assured if you or someone you know is in this category, from our experience even for the least tech-minded people, within a maximum of 30 minutes practice, anyone will be able to run the till with confidence.

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