Top 10 American Retail Events 2017 for you to Inherit, Develop and Expand your Identity

Top 10 American Retail Events 2017 for you to Inherit, Develop and Expand your Identity

Whether you’re running a business on a local, state, national or international level, attending retail events or not can be your making or breaking point. Many of our readers have strong ambitions and righteous underlying business motivations. Nevertheless, channelling inner drive into real-world success can leave entrepreneurs stuck when there’s a lack of consistent practical, momentum-building activity. Hence, here at Loyverse we’ve sifted through the US and Canada to create this list of Top 10 American retail events because we know and believe that step by step you can become leaders in your field- developing your business minds in ways the world has never before seen.

  10. ASD Market Week

March 19th – 22nd & July 30th – August 2nd 2017,

Las Vegas Convention Center


We kick off the list with a twice-a-year retail event hosting the widest variety of retail merchandise out there. There is no better place for small to large sized business in areas of import, distribution or retail to find their specific desired products than ASD Market Week.

Unique to this event is the Source Direct Trade Show– one of the biggest opportunities nationwide to gain that long-sought-after competitive product edge. Large retailers, wholesalers, importers and distributors can strike gold as they joyfully sift through wholesale goods direct from 14 different countries.

Why show up?

Join over 45,000 buyers from 88 countries to purchase from any category you can think of- from department to convenience and from fashion to groceries. Adding to this, living up to it’s name, Affordable Shopping Destination offers incredible event-only margins. ‘Merch’ purchased from any of the 1000s of exhibitions can add depth and width to your marketplace as you’ve never seen before.

Nicole Leinbach Reyhle“For the third time, ASD Market Week welcomed the Independent Retailer Conference to their show floors. This added value for attendees delivers non-stop, dynamic learning experiences for ASD attendees to engage, learn and connect with industry leaders, retail experts and like-minded merchants.”

Nicole Leinbach Reyhle

Founder and Publisher of Retail Minded Magazine


9. The Small Business Expo

May 11th 2017, Jacob K. Javits Convention Centre, NYC +17 Other dates, States and venues throughout the next year


At #9 is the US’s largest business-to-business expo designed specifically for budding entrepreneurs and small business-owners. Anyone can run a business, but truly taking ownership over your business and field is not only a simple thing. The Small Business Expo offers ample opportunity for networking, new & innovative product shopping, as well as providing a platform for insightful sharing with leading industry experts.

Why show up?

Over 100,000 entrepreneurs and small business professionals attend each year because they simply cannot afford to miss out on the huge networking base this event has. Pounce on this opportunity to expand your limits by improving success strategies and building vital relationships with business peers and customers across America.

Bill Walsh“It’s an incredible list of business owners and big companies that are here to support small businesses that now you get a chance to be a part of that and learn from that. So one thing that they’ve done here the best is that they combine the expo energy with lots and lots of booths, with workshops, with keynotes.”

Bill Walsh

Founder & CEO, Powerteam international


8. Retail Innovation Conference
May 9-10th 2017
Apella, NYC


The Retail Innovation Conference is all about brands which are making a name for themselves by means of extraordinary, disruptive methodology.

Why Show Up?

Unique NYC store tours, top CEO panelists displaying the most contemporary disruptive strategies and a prestigious award ceremony in the realm of retail are the reason 200+ retail leaders will be gathering in America’s number one city for retail this spring.

Eric Shea“Retail is changing and customer expectations are changing. People expect everything to be easy and seamless and right there, right now. I think there are a number of large retailers doing it well. I think the ones that are succeeding have a process, though, for innovation.”

Eric Shea [Speaking at RIC 2016]

Partner at Kurt Salmon Digital



7. Store 2017

May 30th-31st 2017,
Toronto Congress Centre


The Retail Council of Canada’s annual 2-day conference provides networking opportunities and a packed-agenda aimed at the ever-growing dynamic Canadian retail industry. You’ll find stage keynotes and interactive panels for big idea building with several follow-up sessions catered for your unique business needs.

Why show up?

Widely regarded as Canada’s largest retail event, you can join forces with more than 2000 retailers and suppliers all gunning to become the next Tim Hortons or MEC. Store is on a top 10 retail event because it’s stretching itself above and beyond anything the Canadian industry has seen before… even the Prime Minister agrees.

Justin Trudeau“I would… like to thank the Retail Council of Canada for hosting today’s conference and for bringing retailers together from Canada and around the world to strengthen the Canadian retail industry.”

Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister



6. Shoptalk
March 19th-22nd 2017
Aria, Las Vegas


Freshest of the fresh on the retail and e-commerce block at #7 is Shoptalk. New agendas bring new approaches, so it makes sense that shoptalk’s primary focus surrounds innovative thinking. In depth talks from top commerce futurists and revolutionary tech displays cover diverse innovative angles leaving minds blown several times over every year.

Why Show Up?

Tickets are selling out fast as Shopkeep’s momentum escalates. Established retailers, startups, tech companies, investors, media and analysts squeezed into one top quality venue will not disappoint. Shopkeep is an indispensable key to uniting with the modern retail ecosystem’s booming demands for engagement in innovation and strong partnerships.

Erin Harris“In a matter of two days, Shoptalk attendees heard from executives from Pinterest, Google, Facebook… etc, who shared some of the ways they’re bridging the gap between digital and physical and ensuring retailers and brands are delivering the best possible customer experience.”

Erin Harris

Editor-in-chief, Innovative Retail Technologies



5. Dx3Canada
March 8th-9th 2017,
Metro Toronto Convention Centre


Getting right to the point, this is Canada’s leader in technology and digital marketing and utterly deserves it’s spot as a top American retail event. Dx3 is designed for those who want to indulge in immersive experiences, interactive installations & engaging content at the only venue to host both a G20 and G7 summit.

Why Show Up?

In 2016, keynotes ranged from “How to Be Ready for Business in Real Time”, “The Uber of Everything & You”, and “The Evolution of Social Media: What Success Looks Like Today”. Building on the success which attracted such huge media coverage last year, 2017 will surely be more relevant and insightful. If you want to connect with over 3,700 digital professionals, 52% being director level or higher, Dx3 is the place to be.

 Victoria Stacey“Dx3 isn’t just about networking, booths and speaker sessions. We’re about bringing together a community of like-minded people to build relationships, takeaway tangible lessons and experience what is cool and fresh in the marketing, retail and tech.”

Victoria Stacey

Marketing & Design Specialist at Dx3




4. GlobalShop

March 28-30 2017
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas



Narrowly missing out on our top 3 doesn’t mean GlobalShop isn’t a must-attend retail event. In fact, GlobalShop is the only trade show that combines marketing, retail design, merchandising & shopper-facing technology. Steaming into its 25th year, this veteran retail platform is constantly evolving and thousands are getting excited for what this year’s show has to offer.

Why Show Up?

GlobalShop is constantly upgrading. That’s why making it a calendar regular has become vital for those looking to keep up with tech to optimize their retail environment. In 2017, there’ll be a whopping 10,500+ industry professionals you can shake hands with, many of whom will be providing area-specific education sessions. GlobalShop is one of the best places to personally meet our generation’s retail-thought masterminds.

Edie Twining“I come to GlobalShop to catch up on new design ideas in the industry. Often the small newcomer has an inventive idea you wouldn’t find with the big guys. Good to see new options for old display tactics.”

Edie Twining

Visual Merchandising Manager, Clarks Co. NA



3. Global Retailing Conference 2017
April 20th-21st,
JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort, Tuscon, AZ


The bronze medal on our ‘top american retail event podium’ is handed to a conference that has consistently delivered practical information, proven techniques and ground-breaking information for the past 21 years. The huge array of retail knowledge on display at the GRC leaves no eyebrows raised as to the extent of its audience base, from global retailers across all levels of industry operations, to academicians and even university students.

Why Show Up?

Many of tomorrow’s successful industry fads will be unveiled through the cooperation of the most recent and successful strategies passed around this spring in Arizona. There’s even opportunity to listen in on some of the brightest thought-leaders discussing your industry in great depth. For your information, there is no better retail based knowledge event to be found.

Martha Stewart“The University of Arizona’s Lundgren Center for Retailing has developed an annual conference that is interesting, informative and very engaging. I was honored to be a part of it and to have the opportunity to share my thoughts on merchandising and strategy with executives who are passionate about the retailing business.”

Martha Stewart

Founder, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc.


2. Imagine 2017
April 3rd-5th,
Wynn Las Vegas


Now it’s getting really exciting. Seven years ago, Imagine set out with the vision of unifying the entire international commerce ecosystem. Prolific speakers from a vast array of business spheres will passionately breach the walls of your mind sparking ideas you hadn’t dreamed of thinking up. You’ll find advancement, education and collaboration to a new degree in what is often regarded as the most enjoyable high level American retail event of the year.

Why Show Up?

2,500+ merchants, partners, developers, and commerce experts from 45+ countries will network, exchange ideas, and build relationships at Imagine 2017. There are dozens of networking opportunities, 7 breakout sessions and 3 keynote events, not to mention the legendary imagine evening on day two. No matter how much you anticipate, your expectations will be exceeded by just how much well grounded inspiration and advice you’ll bring home from this highly anticipated spectacular.

Magic Johnson“We overdelivered, overdelivered. If the contract said ten things we had to do, we did twenty and thirty things because I believe in that right? Because i want retention, retention, retention. And if you overdeliver you’ll get to the retention you’re looking for, everybody.”

Magic Johnson

CEO Magic Johnson Foundation (amongst other things…)



1. NRF’s BIG SHOW 2017

January 15th-17th 2017,
Jacob K. Javits Convention centre, NYC


We’re at the summit! And we end where we begin at the notorious Javits centre. Those of you who already know the show may have foreseen its #1 spot from the moment you saw the blog title. Reasons for its success become uncountable… It has become the loudest & most highlighted American retail event on the calendar. With speakers from the top of the top such as Intel, Google and IKEA, if you’re going to attend any of the events shown on this list, pick this one.

Why Show Up?

33,000 attendees, 510 exhibitors, 118 sponsors and a whopping 300+ speakers do not come from every corner of the globe fallaciously. Energy entices all in oneness through the mainframe of top quality exhibits in the MEGA hall, unparalleled networking, breakout sessions and pure retail history emanating from over 100 years of NRF leadership. The past, present and future is here.

Skip Dexter“You don’t know what you don’t know until you come to an event like this, and the sheer size of it really brings ideas to our team that we didn’t even know were out there.”

Skip Dexter

Goodwill Industries International



There you have it, America’s top 10 retail events for all eyes to see. Any adventures being planned as you read? Or perhaps you have another event in mind that should be on the list? The comment box isn’t too far away…