A Truck Trader’s Free POS Dream

A Truck Trader’s Free POS Dream

One of the main advantages of a mobile POS-system is that it is completely portable and does not occupy any space since it’s on your smartphone. So you can see it’s evidently the perfect solution for truck trading, where every square metre is so valuable.

But there are other, less obvious yet equally as important perks of a mobile POS system for truck traders which we’ll review in this article.

All in one and one in all!

Being conscious of how your products are doing hasn’t been as swift as you’ll find it to be on Loyverse free POS which provides a by-category inventory list and automatically calculates sales accumulated throughout the day even with multiple point of sales.

Pro Hint: Toggling the “Stock alert” on your back-office item list to “Low stock” will ensure that you never run out of your customers favourite burger toppings.

Active Analysis

Loyverse’s simple, yet extensive reporting system enables you to monitor the pros and cons of each given day. Learning to use our elite statistical analysis software could well be the tipping point between you and your competition.

Pay attention to reports on sales of items and modifiers in particular to grow towards full understanding of your customers’ preferences.

Remote Monitoring

Businesses with more than one point of sale often discover management challenges. Using our mobile Free POS, full awareness only takes a now-and-then glance at your back office which will already be updated on the sales statistics at each POS.