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Welcome to Loyverse's next set of articles on "how to start up a café". First of all let's tackle the why! Why do you want to start a café? Let’s dig into the 3 E’s of the coffee shop world to begin.


Coffee has been in fashion for hundreds of years, but now it’s being consumed more than ever. Taking the US for an example, there are now 400 million cups of coffee being drunk every day. But American’s aren’t the only coffeeholics… see where or if your country places in this global list of average coffee cups per day.


Coffee is certainly a global phenomena meaning that, though as we see below some countries enjoy it more than others, everyone reading this has the potential to set up shop from the Moldovan suburbs to the hustle and bustle of the City of London.

Why Start a Café?


In the last 20 years, cafés have upgraded from coffee and cake distributors to internet cafés, cafés in libraries and so on. You’ll see that this trend is already becoming dramatically more diverse and is set to continue for years to come looking at just two of many examples springing up recently.

Firstly, people are beginning to carry out their online shopping in cafés in line with the huge rise in e-commerce of late and another example is well stated by Lloyd Alter, a Canadian University Professor: “there is no reason my Ryerson University students couldn't watch my lectures on their computers at home or in a coffee shop. Most do; rarely more than 50% of the class shows up”. That even educationcan fit around the café trend in the future proves something... but beyond that, in every field, genre or hobby you can think of, successful café’s are emerging alongside successful ventures, be it sport, culture centres, tourist attractions, even space agencies... because simply, where people go, cafés follow.



With all that said, you might already have a sense of the future potential of the café industry; but I’ll add two more advantages of being a café owner to top things off. Because of the high profit margin on coffee beans, you’ll find an extra kick to boost your initial revenue helping to ease the startup blues which entrepreneurs often face upon seeing their loan fade quicker than anticipated.

Furthermore, it's just a great sensation to know you can create your own community of coffee and cake lovers to share every day with. It’s like making a family - what do you think? Everything you design, invest and whip up in your cafe will reflect the type of people in your community. From the next article we're going to be diving into the how's and why of your café creation, starting with your location.

We'd love to hear your comments and experiences surounding the topic since your perspective on starting a café can certainly improve ours!


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